Militaria & firearm collectables including medals, badges, helmets, uniforms and accoutrements.

Books and ephemera.


Modern Sporting

Antique longarms and pistols from all over the world.

Vintage sporting and military  blackpowder weapons and equipment.

 Dates for 2019!

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th

MARCH, 2019

to be held at


Great Western Hwy (A32), Kendall Ave, BATHURST

Saturday 9th &  Sunday 10th

    9:00am 'til 4:30pm                 9:00am  'til 3:30pm

MARCH 2019

The well-maintained, beautifully restored 19th Century Bathurst Showground Pavilions consist of three inter-connected buildings. The arms fair will occupy all three pavilions.

The pavilions front the Great Western Highway, almost in the centre of town.

Off-street public parking is available directly behind the pavilions.


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LAST UPDATE: November, 2018​​

Your attendance is strongly recommended!


Antique, Vintage, modern firearms & Accessories, militaria collectables

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March 2019

Conditions at entry apply.
            Security guards and electronic surveillance will be on-site 24/7 for the entire duration of the fair.
Bag inspections and electronic scanners will be in use at the exit. All purchases must be receipted.
Only firearms that are legal under current NSW Firearm Laws are allowed at the fair.
No C or D category firearms will be displayed or for sale.
    C D Field Service: Principal Dealer   D.L. #408924581

LAST UPDATE: November, 2018

Admission: Adults ~ $10, Family 2 adults + children under 16 ~ $18  
     Children under 16:   free if accompanied by an adult.

Saturday 9:00am 'til 4:30pm  ~  Sunday 9:00am 'til 3:30pm


40+ Licensed NSW and Interstate dealers in attendance 


Subject to Permit 

Modern sporting and target rifles. Target handguns, reloading equipment, scopes, gun cases and cleaning accessories.

Obsolete bolt action military rifles.