Lithgow Arms staff at the 2018 Bathurst Arms Fair.


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We are pleased to announce that representatives from local

manufacturer Lithgow Arms have accepted our invitation and

will be attending the Bathurst Arms Fair.

Whilst well known for their military service rifle production

Lithgow Arms has over recent years developed an outstanding range of Australian made sporting rifles.

The LA101 range of rimfire sporting rifles was released during 2014 and the LA102 range of centrefire sporting rifles was released in 2016.

These rifles were designed and developed at Lithgow and utilise the local skill that has built up over 100 years of production at the small arms facility.

Lithgow Arms has the manufacturing expertise to build firearms of the finest quality and to world class standards utilising the lastest and best design technology.

This is a product that Australian shooters can be proud of!

It will deliver a lifetime of service to the average shooter.

Lithgow Arms website lists a number of professional reviews and user testimonials which are worth reading.

This is a  world class quality product that will directly compete with the best European brands.

Made here, in our own backyard.

As Australians we should support this local Australian manufacturer. 

A number of exhibitors at the Bathurst Arms Fair will have Lithgow products available.

Lithgow Arms is a manufacturer and their product is distributed by Outdoor Sporting Agencies (OSA) to whom trade enquiries should be directed.

The Lithgow Arms website lists Australian  retail stockists.

​Thales Australia was formerly ADI Limited

Thales Australia Limited trading as Lithgow Arms ABN 66008642751



The LA101 rimfire range is chambered for .22LR, .22WMR and .17HMR and is available in a choice of configurations.

Likewise the LA102 centrefire is chambered  for the popular .223 Rem, .243 Win and .308 Win giving a range of calibres and configurations suitable for most sport shooting.

Details of the available configurations can be gained from the Lithgow Arms website.